Asian vegetable mooli could be the next

star performer in fresh produce, according to vegetable preparation specialist Parripak Foods.

Mooli is a member of the radish family and has a mild peppery taste. As it can grow up to three feet in length it is rarely seen on UK supermarket shelves and is more commonly found in ethnic food stores.

The vegetable is not currently processed in the UK on a large scale, with product largely brought in from Italy, but there has been an increase in requests for the vegetable from ethnic food manufacturers, Parripak marketing manager Dominic Pleasance said.

The increased popularity of Asian cuisine was providing impetus for food producers to incorporate more fresh produce from Asia in UK meals, he said.

"Because it is five times the size of a carrot there are many different processing applications. We are able to offer a variety of cuts including julienne, batons, slices and dices," Pleasance added.