Hot, spicy and ethnic ­ that's the way consumers are increasingly liking their sauces and condiments. Few accompaniments are as brazenly hot as chilli sauce, and in this sector WT Foods' Encona brand is enjoying such phenomenal growth, it now has 32.2% value/39.3% volume share (TNS Superpanel). Marketing director John Brennan says growth is a combination of product quality and brand investment that has brought in new users and increased frequency. Another reason is the wide appeal of its variants ­ Thai sweet chilli, Jamaican jerk, cajun and creole, as well as original ­ that match some of the most popular ethnic cuisines. In oriental food, soy is the leading table sauce, with Kikkoman the world's largest producer. Kikkoman says its UK sales are up 40% y-o-y giving it a 16% value/12% volume share of the £10m mainstream market. General manager Bing-Yu Lee says this is the result of its extensive marketing campaign. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}