own label awards 2016

Own Label awards 2016

The Grocer's Own Label Awards 2016 winners announced

13 May 2016 | By Carina Perkins

A shortlist of 350 products made it through to the second round of judging by our panel of experts

ambient & chilled dips

tesco moroccan houmous

Tesco Finest Houmous with Moroccan Spices & Sunflower Seeds

13 May 2016

This added-value houmous “delivered on all levels”, according to our expert judges


lidl maple smoked bacon

Lidl Glensallagh Selection Smoked Maple Cure Back Bacon

13 May 2016

The delicious aroma and subtle sweet/smoky flavour of this bacon proved hard to resist

bakery sweet

co-op salted caramel doughnuts

The Co-operative Loved by Us Salted Caramel Doughnuts

13 May 2016

These “on trend”, indulgent treats were a bargain at £1

blended & soft cheeses

aldi camembert and cranberry

Aldi Specially Selected Camembert with Cranberry Topping

13 May 2016

“Nicely presented” in its own black box, this product was also very tasty, consumers said


aldi malted bloomer bread

Aldi Village Bakery Malted Bloomer

13 May 2016

After taking home a Gold award last year, this “soft”, “fresh” and thickly sliced bloomer impressed again

british cheese

asda belton farm cheese

Asda Extra Special Belton Farm Mature & Sweet Red Fox

13 May 2016

Consumers were impressed with the quality of this mature Red Leicester

burgers & mince

tesco burger and pulled pork kit

Tesco Finest Ultimate Beef Burger Kit with Pulled Pork

13 May 2016

Every bit of this burger kit worked really well, thought our judges

butters & spreads

aldi brodies butter

Aldi Brodies Scottish Salted Butter with Hebridean Sea Salt Crystals

13 May 2016

The “expensive” looking packaging and Hebridean salt made it stand out

celebration cakes

co-op choc and cherry dome cake

The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Chocolate & Cherry Dome

13 May 2016

Our experts felt it was moist, tasty and, at £6, offered excellent value


harvest morn

Aldi Harvest Morn Crisp Cereal – Maple & Pecan

13 May 2016

A silver winner in the 2015 awards, this cereal was hailed by consumers as a tasty, good-quality and great-value

cheddar cheese

aldi crunchy cheddar

Aldi Specially Selected West Country Vintage Reserve Crunchy Cheddar

13 May 2016

A clear winner for our expert judges, the “gorgeous” caramel flavour and crunchy, crumbly texture was “as good as it gets”

chilled on the go - savoury

aldi crunchy cheddar

Aldi Specially Selected West Country Vintage Reserve Crunchy Cheddar

13 May 2016

A clear winner for our expert judges, the “gorgeous” caramel flavour and crunchy, crumbly texture was “as good as it gets”

chilled pizza

aldi italian spicy salami pizza

Aldi Specially Selected Spicy Italian Schiacciata Salami Pizza

13 May 2016

Consumers loved this pizza. With “eye-catching” packaging and a thin sourdough crust

chilled ready meals - traditional

tesco bourbon pulled beef ready meal

Tesco Finest Bourbon Pulled Beef with Cheese & Sweet Onion Mash

13 May 2016

A silver medal winner in the 2015 awards, this ready meal went one better

chilled ready meals - world recipes

asda indian feast ready meal

Asda Extra Special Indulgent Indian Feast

13 May 2016

This tasty selection of Indian treats was rated highly by consumers

coated fish

asda haddock fishcake

Asda Extra Special Melting Layer Smoked Haddock Fishcakes

13 May 2016

Our expert judges were highly impressed with these “restaurant-quality” fishcakes


lidl quatemalan roast coffee

Lidl Deluxe Guatemalan Roast & Ground Coffee

13 May 2016

Consumers thought this coffee was “full bodied” and “aromatic”

cold eating savoury pies

tesco new york deli pie

Tesco New York Deli Pie

13 May 2016

Our expert judges thought this pie was truly innovative and offered “great” textural variation

confectionery - bars & bags

lidl mister choc

Lidl Mister Choc Bellona Hazelnut

13 May 2016

The consumer panel enjoyed the “creamy” hazelnut filling, and “delicate, crispy” wafer of this Continental favourite

confectionery - boxed

tesco cocktail collection

Tesco Finest Cocktail Collection

13 May 2016

Testers described the chocolates as “indulgent”, “tasty” and “classy”

continental cheese

asda brie

Asda Extra Special St Endellion Cornish Brie

13 May 2016

This cheese was met with enthusiasm by consumers, who loved its “creamy” and “very smooth” texture

cookies & biscuits

asda coconut cookies

Asda Coconut Cookies

13 May 2016

“So light they feel healthy”, these cookies were well-toasted and not too sweet, said our judges

cooking sauces - traditional

lidl bbq cooking sauce

Lidl Batts Quick Marinade Pouches - Texan Hickory Style BBQ

13 May 2016

Our expert judges thought this pouch format marinade hit the nail on the head

cooking sauces - world

marks and spencer goan curry kit

Marks & Spencer 3 Easy Step Goan Curry Kit

13 May 2016

This high-quality and conveniently presented Goan Curry meal kit was a clear winner for the consumer panel


aldi gourmet crackers

Aldi Specially Selected Gourmet Crackers with Sea Salt

13 May 2016

These earned their “gourmet” label, consumers felt

custard & yoghurts

aldi blueberry yoghurt

Aldi Smooth & Creamy Canadian Blueberry Luxury Yogurt

13 May 2016

This thick and creamy yoghurt “exceeded expectations” for our consumer testers

deli mediterranean

tesco spanish chorizo

Tesco Finest Smoked Spanish Chorizo Ring

13 May 2016

Chorizo lovers were impressed by the authenticity of flavour of this product

deli salads

tesco crayfish salad

Tesco Finest Crayfish & Mango Salad

13 May 2016

Combining rice, crayfish and mango, this product was highly appealing to consumer testers

family desserts

aldi rhubarb tart

Aldi Specially Selected Continental Rhubarb & Strawberry Tart

13 May 2016

Tapping the growing rhubarb trend, this tart was hailed as great value

fish - ready to eat

lidl deluxe smoked salmon

Lidl Deluxe Smoked Scottish Salmon Freedom Foods

13 May 2016

At £4.99 for 3x80g, consumers thought the salmon trio offered great value for money

fish & shellfish

asda smoked salmon

Asda Chosen by You Salmon with Orange, Peppercorns & Thyme

13 May 2016

Consumers loved this flavoured salmon, praising its succulence and combination of flavours

frozen desserts

morrisons raspberry marscapone dome

Morrisons Signature Raspberry Mascarpone Dome

13 May 2016

Our judges were impressed by the theatre of this “highly inventive” dessert

frozen pizza

aldi caprino verde pizza

Aldi Specially Selected Caprino Verde Pizza

13 May 2016

This “flavoursome” and attractive pizza has a “fabulous” base and generous topping

frozen ready meals

lidl frozen sushi

Lidl Vitasia Frozen Sushi Collection

13 May 2016

Both our panel of expert judges and our consumer panel were blown away by this frozen sushi offering

fruit & veg

tesco mirabella peppers

Tesco Sweet Mirabella Peppers

13 May 2016

These peppers were sweet, crisp, attractive and “incredible” value for money

fruit juice & smoothies

marks and spencer active health juice

Marks & Spencer Active Health Juice Booster Raspberry & Redcurrant with Baobab

13 May 2016

This superfood-infused fruit drink was an attractive and appealing new addition to the category

gluten free

tesco gluten free profiteroles

Tesco Free From Gluten & Wheat Cream Filled Profiteroles with Belgian Chocolate Sauce

13 May 2016

Our judges would never have guessed these profiteroles were gluten-free

granola & muesli

lidl granola

Lidl Simply Sumptuous Berries & Cherries Muesli

13 May 2016

The expert judges liked the high fruit content, natural flavour and satisfying crunch of this berry-based cereal

home baking

tesco ready to pipe chocolate

Tesco Ready to Pipe Chocolate Flavoured Frosting

13 May 2016

Our experts felt the innovative packaging offered home bakers a helpful shortcut

hot savoury pies

lidl chicken leek bacon pie

Lidl Deluxe With Love Smoked Bacon Pie

13 May 2016

Attractive presentation and quality of the ingredients meant it lived up to premium

indiv. desserts

marks and spencer bullion bar

Marks & Spencer Billionaire Bullion Bar

13 May 2016

This “stunning” product from Marks & Spencer was enthusiastically received by our panel

kids products

aldi mamia rice cakes

Aldi Mamia Junior’s Mini Rice Cakes – Raspberry

13 May 2016

Consumers thought these innovative rice cakes had a great flavour and texture

meal accompaniments

iceland zesty bean quinoa

Iceland Zesty Bean Quinoa

13 May 2016

Our judges were totally blown away by this “quick, healthy and tasty” meal accompaniment


lidl duck pate

Lidl Warren & Sons Rannoch Smoked Duck Pâté

13 May 2016

Consumers thought the inclusion of duck in this pâté offered a novel twist

poultry - joints


Tesco maple syrup sausages

Tesco Finest Limited-Edition British Pork Smoked Bacon & Maple Syrup Sausages

13 May 2016

These “meaty”, “tasty and “juicy” sausages were a clear winner

sliced meats

lidl breaded ham

Lidl Deluxe Breaded Cured Ham Slices

13 May 2016

Consumers approved of this Freedom Food ham

speciality breads

asda cornbread

Asda Chosen by You In Store Bakery Spicy Corn Bread

13 May 2016

This novel in-store bakery loaf was a hit with our consumer testers

sweet snacks

tesco popcorn

The Co-operative Loved by Us Sweet & Salty Popcorn

13 May 2016

Competitively priced (at £1 for a 100g bag) and well presented, this bag of popcorn was a hit with the consumers

ice cream - family

iceland bellissima ice cream

Iceland Bellissima Ice Creams

13 May 2016

Consumers could hardly believe the quality of this product for the price

jams & spreads

aldi raspberry conserve

Aldi Specially Selected Raspberry Conserve

13 May 2016

The conserve had a “perfect soft set” and a “great balance of sharp and sweet” flavours

large cakes

lidl snowy lodge fruit cake

Lidl Snowy Lodge Deluxe Luxury Rich Fruit Cake

13 May 2016

This “rich” and “moist” fruit cake with Courvoisier VS Cognac was a hit with consumers

meat - added value

marks and spencer pork belly hog roast

M&S Pork Belly Hog Roast with Kentish Apple Sauce & Crackling

13 May 2016

Our judges thought every element was “very good”

potato crisps

aldi chorizo crisps

Aldi Specially Selected Crisps Chorizo & Sweet Pepper

13 May 2016

Three-quarters of consumers thought this flavour brought something new


tesco finest quiche

Tesco Finest Sweet Potato, Spinach & Feta Filo Pie

13 May 2016

Quiches & Savoury Tarts

savoury snacks

marks and spencer katsu rice chips

Marks & Spencer Katsu Curry Sticky Rice Chips

13 May 2016

This “truly innovative” product was not only “ahead of the curve” but had “great flavour”

soft drinks

lidl orange and cranberry presse

Lidl Deluxe Sparkling Blood Orange & Cranberry Pressé

13 May 2016

Consumers loved this “tangy” and “refreshing” drink, which was particularly tempting to younger consumers


lidl inisvale steaks

Lidl Inisvale Selection Irish Hereford Fillet Steaks

13 May 2016

These steaks impressed consumers with their “clear provenance” and “tender succulence”

teas & infusions

lidl knightsbridge tea

Lidl Knightsbridge Sweet & Mellow, Pear & Apple Tea Bags

13 May 2016

The “lovely combination of flavours”, together with the “good aroma” and “clean, refreshing taste” of these teabags

individual cakes

aldi salted caramel cakes

Aldi Specially Selected Caramel & Pecan Slices

13 May 2016

Our experts liked the “handmade” appearance and great combination of flavours


lidl beetroot relish

Lidl Deluxe Beetroot Relish

13 May 2016

Combining quality with novelty, this relish was a “definite” buy for half our testers

mayo & oils

aldi rapeseed oil

Aldi Specially Selected British Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

13 May 2016

Our expert judges thought this bottle of Aldi’s own label top-tier cold-pressed rapeseed oil

meat - joints

asda slow cooked pork joint

Asda Butcher's Selection Simply Slow Cook Moroccan Pork

13 May 2016

Consumers were impressed by the “excellent” taste and texture of this pork joint

poultry - added value

asda ready to roast chicken

Asda Ready to Roast Chicken Crown with Bacon

13 May 2016

This roast was a big hit with consumers: half said they would “definitely” buy it

salad veg

aldi sunstream tomatoes

Aldi Specially Selected Sunstream Vine Tomatoes

13 May 2016

These tomatoes tasted home-grown and had an “incredible” smell and quality

single serve ice cream

aldi ice cream sundae selection

Aldi Ice Cream Sundae Selection

13 May 2016

Consumers were impressed with the quality of the ice cream at a price of just £1.99


aldi soup

Aldi Soupreme Skinny Thai Carrot Soup

13 May 2016

This “intriguing” low-calorie soup was “tasty, creamy and moreish”, according to consumers

store cupboard

aldi pesto rosso

Aldi Specially Selected Pesto Rosso with Sundried Tomato

13 May 2016

This product was not only fantastic value for money, it delivered quality flavours

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