Mars Confectionery has unwrapped the new brand advertising for Mars bar. From March 26, the new Mars bar tagline is Every Day Should Be This Good' and replaces the Mars Make it Happen' advertising and promotional campaign that guaranteed a winner a day between September and the beginning of the year. The first new TV ad shows a young man who finds a stray puppy in a park. The persistent puppy drags him off to a young women, the puppy's owner. The man is happy and reflects that Every Day Should Be This Good' as he eats his Mars bar. A print campaign will also appear from late March with different ads to suit each target market (teens, women, and men). Each commercial features a heartwarming Every Day Should Be This Good' situation. The print ads run until May, and the TV ads until April 16. Mars is also running a new TV campaign for Celebrations from March 26 to help boost awareness in the run up to Easter. {{P&P }}