A new British chocolate company is targeting its NPD at ex-pat Cadbury fans upset the brand has been snapped up by Kraft.

This week, Bristol-based British Butler launched two new brands: Lash milk chocolate covered caramel wafers (available in packs of five and eight); and Snapper milk chocolate biscuit bars (sold in six-packs).

The company is an offshoot of British Corner Shop, which exports some of Britain's most popular brands, including Heinz Beanz, Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Walkers crisps to expat communities in 129 countries.

It would follow its sister company's strategy of concentrating on foreign markets to launch Lash and Snapper, it said.

However, it refused to rule out an assault on the UK market in the future.

"At a time when the traditional big brand names in UK chocolate manufacturing, such as Cadbury, have been bought out, British Butler is giving the nation's food manufacturing, and chocolate in particular, a huge boost," said director Peter Howarth.

The bars are being made under licence in Wales and stored in British Butler's two Bristol warehouses before being exported. Distribution agreements in the Gulf States have already been signed.

Fellow director Mark Callaghan added: "We are going to be more pointed towards exports to start with, but we expect first-year sales to run into millions of pounds."