Minor Weir and Willis doubling exports from Puerto Rico Plans to increase summer mango consumption have been envisaged by Birmingham based importer Minor Weir and Willis. This season it is planning to at least double its exports from Puerto Rico in excess of 500,000 cartons. With first fruit arriving by air to be followed by sea shipments within a week, sales director Sudhir Meta revealed that the increased programme has been put together with Martex Farms which has some of the most modern grading facilities in the Caribbean. The majority of the fruit will be the Keitt variety. "We intend to move customer purchases from the current 10.9 occasions a year to be in line with kiwifruit which manages an impressive 32.1 figure, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres statistics," he said. Sudhir added that Puerto Rico now enjoys the longest sustained season for fruit being shipped to the UK lasting until October. It will be supported by increased imports from Israel which will begin in July. The company is using ripening and testing technology to provide ready ripened fruit. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}