Freshfel, the body representing the EU's fresh produce sector, has urged China to open up its borders to greater imports of European fruit and vegetables.
A delegation of exporters from Spain, Italy, Holland, France and Belgium visited Beijing earlier this month to meet Chinese agriculture officials.
They expressed concern that China's stringent phytosanitary import requirements made it near-impossible for European producers to sell their produce into China. European exports of fresh fruit and veg to China are just 1,500 tonnes a year.
Freshfel said that the EU's fresh produce trade deficit with China was E79m in 2004, illustrating a lack of reciprocal market access conditions.
Freshfel vice-president Pino Calcagni, who headed the delegation, said: "Chinese consumers should be given the opportunity to enjoy European fruits and vegetables just as consumers in Europe already enjoy the Chinese fruits and vegetables that are exported to our countries."