Kent growers are to be given the opportunity to export their fruit and vegetables to the US state of Virginia.
Officials at Kent County Council signed a two-way declaration of intent with their counterparts from the Commonwealth of Virginia at the County Show.
In 2007, Virginia will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of English settlers from Kent, and the trade link is seen as an ideal way to mark this, said Kent’s Adam Ellis-Jones, who is responsible for the deal.
Kent growers will be hoping to export traditional varieties such as Cox apples, soft fruit and vegetables.
Producers in Virginia are also keen to export their produce to the UK. They grow a range of fruit and veg, including blueberries, asparagus, apples, sweet potatoes and sweetcorn.
In spring 1607, four ships left London, stopping off at Gravesend to pick up provisions and more crew, before sailing across the Atlantic and setting up Jamestown.