So what else could be winging its way to the UK? Here's The Grocer's round up of what's likely to soon be on the multiple buyer's shopping list. In yogurts, Danone has continued its march in Germany by putting its bestselling Actimel drink into a spoonable version. A UK launch could expect similar success. PepsiCo's snack division, Frito-Lay, has also come up with a novel idea which would be likely to impress UK consumers. Doritos Mini 3D's in a handy 2oz plastic tube were launched in the US a year ago, offering snackers the chance to reseal packs if they don't finish at one sitting. Last but not least, Nestlé's enduring Milkybar brand looks set for yet another extension in the UK following the launch of Milkybar Raspbar ­ white chocolate with raspberry pieces ­ last March. Oz and New Zealand are increasingly being seen as test markets for European launches. {{P&P }}