Hartley's is aiming to broaden jam's appeal with the launch of Extra Conserve, a premium jam aimed specifically at adults. The new range promises "lots of real fruit in a smooth, spreadable jam".The company said it had been developed to satisfy the just for me' demand from female consumers looking for affordable indulgence. The six varieties ­ strawberry, blackcurrant, apricot, raspberry red fruit and dark fruit ­ come in 250g jars which is a smaller size than the standard range. Group brand manager Michelle White said the price point of £1.09 was deliberately accessible. "The extra jam market is currently in growth but it experiences a lot of change with consumers continually dropping in and out of the sector mainly due to price barriers," she added. The launch comes as the company continues with a round of press ads. The standard jam range was also given a new look recently. The jars now carry a see-through clear label and a brighter green lid. {{P&P }}