Sir, It's great to see the likes of Magners embracing social commerce ('Magners cider goes on sale through Facebook', 24 September). Like social media before it, most brands demand tangible proof that 'F-commerce' will work before incorporating it into their strategy. However, by waiting for hard evidence, brands are missing a huge opportunity to get ahead.

There is already clear evidence of the compatibility of e-commerce and social media ASOS in particular is a great poster child for this. Additionally, some of the most successful e-commerce sites out there, such as Amazon and eBay, have social aspects at the core of their customer engagement. Social media may not seem to be a natural home for e-commerce as a whole, but it is definitely a logical extension of social media from a brand perspective and brands brave enough to take the plunge into social commerce could gain significant ground over their rivals.

Now is not the time to sit back. Now is the time to invest in harnessing Facebook's full potential the results may surprise you.

Peter Jackson, business strategist, 77Agency