Sir, The latest Morrisons 'Eat Fresh Pay Less' TV ad promotes the supposed benefits of fresh fish and features a fishmonger telling a child: "Unlike most other big supermarkets these fish have never been frozen. We think they taste better that way." While this is a great ad, it perpetuates the myth that fresh is better than frozen, a myth that has been quashed.

Sheffield Hallam University has examined the use of frozen food in primary schools conducting a nutritional statistical analysis of fresh versus frozen. The evidence established no significant difference for 37 key nutrients tested. Manchester Metropolitan University has studied the sensory attributes of fresh versus frozen. It found that in blind taste tests with 32 chefs, frozen tuna was identified as better in flavour and scored higher in 'mouthfeel' and chewiness.

The quality and taste of frozen are better than ever due to new freezing technologies offering enhanced freshness and nutritional values.

Brian Young, director general, British Frozen Food Federation