Fairtrade producers are celebrating after gaining a further two listings in UK multiples.

Both Somerfield and Waitrose will now stock Fairtrade pineapples in selected stores from this week. The two retailers will be joining the Co-operative Group which last year announced all pineapples sold would be Fairtrade.

The Costa Rican pineapples, which will bear the Oké Fairtrade label and Fairtrade mark, are available all-year-round and are being imported by farmer-owned AgroFair UK.

The increased volume means the fruit will now be imported directly into Sheerness. In the past it had been shipped to Holland before being divided for EU markets.

Bernardo Jaen, chief executive of supplier farmer association Asoproagroin, said: “This fruit is also about the way it is produced, it’s about the environment, it’s about a fair system.”