Fairtrade supplier AgroFair is planning to make its fresh produce available to independent retailers by setting up new wholesale distribution channels. AgroFair has signed a deal with Fyffes which allows small retailers to stock Fairtrade bananas through Fyffes' distribution network. The retailers will be able to phone through orders to their nearest selected Fyffes ripening centre on the morning before they want to collect their bananas. The Oké branded bananas, packed in 18.14kg boxes of between 100 and 120, will be ready for collection from one of 18 Fyffes wholesalers in England and Scotland at 10am the next day. An AgroFair spokeswoman said: "It will be interesting to see whether we get a deluge of orders, or just a trickle. "Mangoes will be next on line as soon as we get the volumes, and then all our Fairtrade produce as we sort out distribution networks." The Fairtrade Foundation mark is a guarantee that producers get a fair price, with additional premiums going towards their healthcare, clean water and housing. {{NEWS }}