A family-owned niche tea company has unveiled two new products in its battle with the giant tea suppliers for a place on the kitchen table.

Williamson Fine Teas launched a white tea and a green tea at IFE07.

Made from teas grown on the company's own Fair­trade farms in Kenya, they are expected to be in the shops in packs of 50 teabags by the end of this month.

The white tea boasts a delicate subtle taste while the green tea's leaves give it a distinctive flavour, according to the company.

The company, whose Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas are currently available in Waitrose stores, says it is committed to the policy of fair pay for its African growers as well as to environmentally biodegradable packaging.

Company spokesman Tom Hohenberg said: "Williamson is a small player compared with some of the big boys but it's been around for a long time and is expanding its line to compete with anyone in terms of range of teas."