After just a single week at the top of the brand share chart, McVitie’s has fallen out of the top 10.
Its place at the top has been taken by the seemingly ever-present Nestlé, which this week has some excellent gondola end displays in Asda with links to the new Shrek 2 film now on release.
The biggest mover this week was Fanta. Two litre buy-one-get-one free offers were running in Sainsbury, Somerfield and Tesco and Asda had a four-for-£3 promotion. All these offers had gondola-end sitings giving Fanta a major presence across the retailers and pushing it up to third in the brand share chart.
The brand share chart also saw five new entries.
Stella Artois re-enters as do Wall’s, Müller and Birds Eye but the most surprising new entry was Bernard Matthews, with buy-one-get-one-free offers running in Tesco and Morrisons on Chicken Goujons, Turkey Ham 100g and 12-packs of Turkistix.
Quaker is hanging in there with offers still running on Snack-a-Jacks and Chewee Bars in Tesco.