Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched its first animated TV ads for carbonated soft drink Fanta. The new ad series accounts for a substantial portion of the brand's £4.3m media budget this year. Following a similar theme to previous campaigns, a group of animated friends will be shown in various fun situations, each sparked off by a spontaneous desire from one of the group for Fanta. Featuring music from Manchester hip hop DJs Rae and Christian, young adults found the ad as entertaining as its main target audience of teenagers, according to CCE. The first execution, which airs this weekend, is entitled Rare Vinyl and focuses on Fanta Orange. Another TV ad for Fanta Icy Lemon ­ last year's successful addition to the Fanta stable ­ will follow, while the newest stablemate, Fanta Fruit Twist, will feature in outdoor advertising this summer. The company also has plans for a big summer sampling campaign for the Fruit Twist variant. It claimed the Fanta brand grew 61% last year. {{P&P }}