Tenth anniversary for SQS's Label Rouge Scottish Quality Salmon this month celebrates the tenth anniversary of it being awarded the French Label Rouge. The superior quality' accreditation for the French market has been a particular achievement for growers and exporters because Scottish salmon remains the only non French product to get the award ­ and the only salmon. Since 1992 the independent auditing body which inspects SQS members, Food Certification (Scotland) Ltd, has been accredited by the French National Commission for Labels and Certification of Agricultural Food Products for the certification of Scottish farmed salmon. Although it remains a top of the range sector in fresh salmon consumption in France (between 5% and 6%), the volume of Label Rouge Scottish salmon has continued to grow: from 1,425t in 1992 to 5,000t in 2001. Some 42% of all Scottish salmon exports go to France under both the Label Rouge accolade and the Scottish brand, which also commands a premium. {{MEAT }}