Scotland's unparalleled' opportunity in marine finfish Scotland has an unparalleled opportunity to take a lead in the farming of marine fish such as cod, haddock and halibut according to the British Marine Finfish Association (BMFA), the representative body for this newly emerging aquaculture sector. As part of its submission to the current consultation by the Scottish Executive to develop a strategic framework for aquaculture in Scotland, the BMFA has underlined that seawater temperatures in Scotland provide some of the best environmental conditions in the northern hemisphere for marine finfish farming, putting the country at a competitive advantage over other major fish farming nations. Projections predict that in seven to 10 years' time market demand could sustain a combined production of 30,000 tonnes of farmed cod and haddock, with an additional 10,000 tonnes of high value halibut. This scale of production would still only represent 8% of UK market demand, providing a niche complement to fish caught by the UK fishing fleet. Predicted UK production for 2002 is for 300 tonnes of halibut, 300 tonnes of turbot and 180 tonnes of cod. {{MEAT }}