The dairy supply industry is facing some of the lowest milk production figures for years, and rising farmer blockades.
Farmers For Action is claiming that last week’s planned demonstrations were a success - particularly in Scotland where milk transport was halted for several hours.
The latest milk production figures, no surprise in the light of the Defra report (see above) show the UK has produced 4,834.1 million litres after four months of the quota year. This means there has been less milk produced so far this year than at any time since 2000/2001, when, at the end of that year, the UK was 264 million litres under quota. In 2003/2004, the last time the UK hit quota, the UK had produced 5,136 million litres, 302 million litres more by this time.
Historical milk production figures show UK farmers could still reach quota from such a low level of production now, but the price needs to be around 20p per litre mark for all farmers to create the necessary drive.
But the last thing Farmers For Action wants is a production free-for-all. It is sounding out farmer opinion for a national milk dumping programme later this year in the event their price does not increase.