Faroe Isles hit by EU herring and mackerel ban

Atlanto-Scandian herring&mackerel will be banned

An EU ban on imports of herring and mackerel caught by Faroese vessels is due to come into force on Wednesday.

The Regulation prohibits the introduction into the EU - including for transhipment purposes - of Faroese-caught herring and mackerel or fishery products “which consist of, are made of, or contain Atlanto-Scandian herring or mackerel caught under the control of the Faroe Islands”.

It identifies the Faroe Islands as “a country allowing non-sustainable fishing of the Atlanto-Scandian herring stock” and claims to establish measures “in respect of the Faroe Islands to ensure the long-term conservation of that stock”.

The EU’s gripe with the Faroes relates to herring. However, mackerel has been included in the ban because the species cohabits with herring.

The ban, which follows a series of warnings given to the Faroes by the EU, was due to come into force seven days after publication in the Official Journal of the EU, which took place on 21 August.

The Faroes claimed the measures were inconsistent with WTO law and said it was considering complaining to the WTO’s Dispute Resolution Body.