Focus On Sauces and Condiments by Ash O’Mahony

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Publishing: 7 September

Advertising deadline: 23 August

Submissions deadline: 15 August

The Story

Sauces are going wild. No longer is it a case of simply deciding between mayo and ketchup – today’s consumers have a whole host of wacky innovations to choose from. It marks a change from this time last year, when big brands were criticised for failing to be as innovative as smaller, startup operations. So how are these innovations impacting the market? Are they proving a driver of sales? Or are we simply getting to the point where there is too much choice?

Main themes

Big brands vs small brands: Have big brands finally caught up with smaller brands when it comes to innovation? Who is winning the NPD battle?

Secret sauce: What is the secret to a successful innovation in this crowded market? Are there certain types of flavours/certain types of occasions that are proving particularly popular?

Mayo: Mayo has cemented its number one position in the sauces market this year with a 10.3% value gain. And that’s not just because prices are up on last year – volumes have climbed significantly too. Why is this? To what extent is innovation playing a part?

Ketchup: By contrast, ketchup is flat in terms of volumes and value. What can it learn from mayo

Condiments: Many favourites such as mustard and horseradish are back up in volumes this year. What is behind this?

Own label: It has delivered some impressive volume gains this year. Why is this? Are retailer offerings embracing innovation as much as brands, or is this a sign that many still want a basic ketchup/mayo?

Demographics: It wasn’t long ago we had a viral piece on why millennials are killing off mayo. Yet this data suggests the opposite. To what extent are different demographics buying into different sauces? And who is responding best to innovations?

Innovations: We identify eight new products or product ranges that have not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date, RSP, and an image of each.

US influence: Some of the wackiest stuff seems to be coming from the US. What can we expect to make its way across from the Atlantic?

Kantar data: Using Kantar data, we explain the factors behind the rise/fall of different sauces and condiments.

Nielsen data: Using Nielsen data, we explain how the top 10 brands are performing.

Shopper Intelligence: How consumers shop the sauces and condiments market