Seven top wine suppliers have agreed to back a new merchandising guide developed by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors for independent retailers. The Take Home Wine Blueprint has been drawn up in response to requests from retailers for objective advice on the best ranging and layouts for their wine fixtures. It is based on the Take Home Blueprint launched by the FWD in 1994 for the beer and cider categories. The Wine Blueprint is backed by Grants of St James's, Caxton Wines, Southcorp Wines, Percy Fox & Co, Rosemount Estate, E&J Gallo and BRL Hardy Europe. Alan Toft, FWD director general, said: "This is the beginning of the end of jumble sale wine displays in local stores. "Data from AC Nielsen and wholesalers show independent licensed retailers are not reflecting the consumer's increasing demand for branded and New World wines. "It is time the independent benefited from the success experienced by the multiple grocers." Toft added: "Cash and carry wholesalers particularly have sought this extension of the Take Home Blueprint and I am sure suppliers will be keen to support it." And he said the FWD wanted to encourage the spirits industry to get involved in a similar scheme so wholesalers and suppliers could help independents produce "completely professional" off-licence departments. {{NEWS }}