As the season to be jolly approaches, Walkers is hoping to create festive cheer in bagged snacks with some specially designed sharing packs and seasonal flavours.

It is adding new tastes and limited-edition seasonal mixes to its Sensations range and introducing mixes and big bag flavours to its Nobby's Nuts line-up.

Cara Beeby, trade marketing manager for brand owner PepsiCo, said: "At Christmas households want bigger bags and festive-flavoured premium and limited-edition products. We have focused our Christmas range on sharing and nuts."

Sauteed wild mushroom in white wine, crispy aromatic duck with hoi sin sauce, and spicy chargrilled oriental crackers are the trio joining the Sensations stable, while the brand's limited-edition fruit and nut mixes are cranberry and cashew with festive spices and pineapple and coconut with mixed spices.

Along with the eight bestselling flavours, the threesome will feature a ribbon and bow in a colour that corresponds to the flavour, while the brand's logo will be temporarily redesigned so that it looks like a gift label.

Meanwhile, the Nobby's line-up will get Asian combo and spicy cashews nut mixes, with sweet chilli and smoky bacon being introduced in big bags.