McVitie’s is ensuring that consumers get a white Christmas regardless of the weather with the introduction of its first digestive biscuit coated in white chocolate.
The limited edition variant will be available in a special festive carton throughout Christmas, and United Biscuits said the product could become a standard line. The company has already this year developed orange and mint versions of its biscuit, and said initial sales of both have been promising.
The launch is part of United Biscuits’ Christmas drive, which will see the addition of permanent and limited edition lines across its KP Nuts, McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Crawford’s portfolios to create what it said was its best seasonal snacks range.
Developments include a permanent Orange Chocolate variant to its Boasters biscuit range. Limited edition Sweet Chilli flavour Mini Cheddars Crinklys will be available in a 250g drum for Christmas.
Branston Pickle-flavoured Mini Cheddars will also be sold in the drum format as well as 50g snack bags for the period.
Other products for Christmas include Baby TUC Barbecue biscuits, KP Saucy BBQ flavour peanuts in a 620g plastic canister and 375g luxury cans of Tropical Fruit & Nut Mix and Roasted Salt Nut Mix.
New packaging has also been introduced across its Baked to Perfection, Teatime and Temptations biscuit selections.
Stefan Chomka