I share the concern of Harriet Lamb and Alistair Smith about the supermarkets' banana price war.

I am afraid that most consumers are not aware why bananas have suddenly become so cheap and, as Harriet suggested, I believe many would be horrified if they did.

For example, how many UK banana eaters know that since 1992, 20,000 out of 24,000 Windward Island banana farmers have gone out of business? As it's about time that someone stood up for the producers, we at Thornton's Budgens have launched the Play Fair, Trade Fair campaign. We're going to actively explain to our customers what is going on and why we are not going to play in this 'game'. To highlight this, in November we're going to give up all our profit on bananas to a plantation workers' organisation in Costa Rica.

I appeal to other like-minded retailers to join me in taking a stance against this nonsense and pledging to do the same. We have prepared some simple, easy-to-use PoS and messaging, which retailers can download from our website's social and environment section and insert their own logo or name. It's at www.thorntonsbudgens.com

The more retailers who say 'yes' to saying no, the more consumers we can reach and the more we can raise for Costa Rican banana plantations. It's time to end this nonsense.
Andrew Thornton, Thornton's Budgens