campylobacter testing chicken

The Times leads off with news, as reported in The Grocer yesterday, that campylobacter infection rates are hovering around 15%, although it fails to mention that this is down almost 7% from last year’s rates, instead saying the watchdog is ‘in a flap’. Adding to the confusion, the Telegraph chooses to go with the figures discussing “traces” of the infection, deriving from this that “80%” of chickens were carrying the superbug. The Mail weighs in with the take-home quote ”it is clear that stores continue to put customers at risk”.

The Telegraph also reports that local governments handed out £3bn in business rates discounts last year, putting the high figure down to the proliferation of charity shops on the high street. Charity shops accounted for 45% of the total expenditure, and now account for over 2% of total British retail units.

Meanwhile, the Guardian has a feature bemoaning the death of physical media in the music industry, using quotes from Tesco who say they won’t be offering late-night opening for the release of the new Adele record, “25”, one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Rather than midnight release events, which used to be the norm, the collapse of physical media is such that “if you did manage to get one,” Tesco said, ”it would have been by chance, if the manager concerned happened to have unpacked their stock early.”