The Co-op is poised to appoint former Asda boss Allan Leighton as its chairman as it concludes its search for a “saviour” (The Guardian). The veteran of boardrooms ranging from Royal Mail to Matalan and even Leeds United will be charged with brining “order to chaos” at the troubled group (The Times £).

AG Barr, the maker of Irn-Bru and Rubicon fizzy drinks, is “making moves towards the clubbing scene” after splashing out £21m on Funkin (The Financial Times £).

Labour leader Ed Miliband has “escalated” a war of words with Walgreens Boots Alliance boss Stefano Pessina by calling into question the tax status of the newly merged pharmacy retail giant. Pessina had said that the election of a Labour government would be “catastrophic” (The Financial Times £).

The BBC’s Kamal Ahmed takes the Stefano Pessina situation to have a wider look at the relationship between business figures and politics, noting that the importance of good relations with whoever is in Number 10 should “give chief executives pause for thought when they think about intervening in the election campaign”(The BBC).

Waitrose owner John Lewis group, among a handful of businesses still offering final salary pension, has “ditched” the scheme in favour of a hybrid scheme based partly on staff contributions (The Guardian).