MSC backs Trusts' sustainability warning The Marine Stewardship Council has supported warnings in a new Wildlife Trusts Report of environmental disaster in the North Sea if management systems are not radically reformed to take account of sustainaibility. The environmental damage caused by overfishing has been caused, says the MSC, "by lack of economic incentives to behave more responsibly", said the MSC's Caroline Woffenden. She added: "The environmental assurance provided by the MSC tick logo is increasingly sought by supermarkets and restaurants around the world. In this way, there are real commercial incentives to manage fisheries responsibly. "Thankfully consumers increasingly have the opportunity to make the kind of tough choices which many governments have so far proved incapable of tackling." The Trusts report claims Britain's seas are dying because of lack of proper government management. "Species such as common skate are virtually extinct, haddock and cod could soon follow, leaving a once proud fishing industry derelict." The threat to dolphins is particularly highlighted. But the Trusts also point to destruction of the once vast colonies of horse mussels in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. {{MEAT }}