Declining North Sea fish stocks have sparked widespread interest in cod cultivation by fish farmers. A successful three year pilot by Seafish, with funding from Highlands & Islands Enterprise and M&S, resulted in the first 10 tonnes of UK farmed cod going on sale. A further 25t will be produced this year and output is expected to expand steadily. Two new commercial cod hatchery projects are planned in Scotland by Aquascot and a partnership between the University of Stirling and Lakeland Smolt. These projects could help increase UK annual farmed cod production to over 5,000t in five years. Seafish head of aquaculture Malcolm Gillespie said: "In time farmed cod's consistent size and regular availability should allow it to compete with the best imported fish." It will be several years before farmed cod makes a significant impact on the 170,000t of cod eaten in the UK each year. {{M/E MEAT }}