Strong winds this week, have managed to keep some of the smaller boats harboured in the southern ports of Plymouth and Newlyn. This, however, did not affect the larger boats for which it was business as usual. A good quantity and variety of locally caught fish was landed with the markets having fish to suit most requirements. Hull was also receiving cod and haddock from Iceland and the Faeroes but was now receiving boxes from Scotland as well. Quantities were greater than last week up with quality being as high as ever. However, this market is starting to sell larger quantities of coley, widely available and much cheaper than cod. Many in the industry would like to see UK consumers eat more coley as it is very similar to cod both in texture and taste when cooked. They believe some demand would shift away from cod if consumers became more aware of coley. Trade sources suggest it is a possible solution to white fish shortages. At Grimsby, supplies of fish were being received from Iceland and the Faeroe Islands with a limited supply from Ireland. The market was majoring in cod, haddock, whiting and monkfish. {{MEAT }}