With the North Sea fishing grounds now fully open, the Scottish ports have seen increased landings of fish. With a large supply last week, the number of boxes has fallen back to more modest levels as fishermen re-establish working patterns and more regular landings. In the east, Hull and Grimsby are still not getting enough fish, due to lower landings and the ongoing Icelandic strike. Grimsby has been affected by the recent restrictions in the North Sea, so tonnages are down before the Icelandic strike is taken into account. Hull deals mainly in Icelandic fish. The Faeroes have kept supplies up but strike action has also been threatened there. Another cloud on the horizon is the news that restrictions on catching cod north of the 62nd parallel are being placed on Norwegian fishing boats under 28 ft. This will affect catches of fresh cod. In the south west fish is in short supply, but local demand is also lower. Fishermen are using this break to repaint boats and make repairs prior to demand picking up again in July/August. {{M/E MEAT }}