This week the northerly markets have seen a shortage of cod with poor local landings. Bad weather also hit fishing in Iceland meaning alternative supplies were not available. Quotas could be blamed for the short supply in British water but, as many fishermen report, they are already not catching their quotas, a point underlining the state of fish stocks around the UK fishing grounds. Iceland is working on a biannual fish quota system, which does allow for some adjustment in the quantities of fish that can be caught. Peterhead and Hull have both been affected by the shortages, but were keen to emphasis this is a general trend and not a sudden crash in cod stocks. Other varieties such as whiting and round have been in good supply for the time of year. In contrast, the markets in the south have had an excellent run of good landings, with all fish types available. Sales have been swift, as plentiful supplies have lowered prices, in some cases to half last week's price ensuring high demand. Good conditions are expected to continue but with fishermen taking a firmer control of landings in a bid to improve quayside prices. {{M/E MEAT }}