Retailers have seen total expenditure on oil-rich fish increase by 20.4% in the last year. Driving this growth are kippers and smoked mackerel, with sales up 23% and 24% respectively. In 1998, expenditure on kippers was £9,675,000, and in 2000 it stood at £12,746,000. In 1998, expenditure on smoked mackerel was at £12,587,000 and in December 2000 it was £19,274,000 [Taylor Nelson Sofres Household Consumption December 2000]. Other species that have seen a significant rise in sales are herring and tuna. Volumes of oil-rich fish have also increased dramatically. Total volume as at December 2000 was 11,447 tonnes, an increase of 16.8% on the previous year. Smoked mackerel and kippers are contributing to the increase of oil rich volumes too. Almost all oil rich sales are made within the wet/smoked sector, which overall represents nearly a third of the total seafood market. {{MEAT }}