Icelandic supplies have finally come to a stop with the strike starting to have an impact on the markets. The Scottish ports are still struggling, but are now starting to make headway on increasing the number of boxes landed. Earlier in the week Peterhead had managed in excess of three thousand boxes, half of what they previously caught before the North Sea restrictions, but five times more fish than previous weeks. The sudden rise is good news for the Scottish industry but it should also be borne in mind that the Easter weekend has always enjoyed strong fish sales so a determined effort to land fish this week may explain the fivefold increase. In Hull and Grimsby supplies of the final consignments of Icelandic fish have helped both markets meet demand for fish at Easter. Supplies of fish for after the break look difficult for the East Coast markets although Hull and Grimsby were confident of having fish supplies for sale early in the coming week. In the South West the past week has been poor with bad weather hitting supplies of local fish. With demand for fish running high for Easter, prices rose through the week. {{M/E MEAT }}