Seafood specialist Young's Bluecrest is looking to recruit a new generation of consumers with a branded range for kids.
Young'uns is hitting freezer cabinets now with three offerings ­ Flipper Dippers fillet pieces in batter (275g, 16 pieces), Fish Fillet Squares in breadcrumbs (280g, four pieces) and Scampi Crunchies (150g, 16 pieces). Rsps: £1.49.
All three are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and come with a Clean Plate Guarantee for parents.
The range will benefit from Young's £5m autumn marketing campaign, including eight weeks of TV advertising, and a Young'uns web site.
"We're confident Young'uns will prove a major hit with both parent and child and have channelled significant money into supporting the launch this autumn," said James Turton, Young's head of marketing.