Quorn’s foray into ‘fish-less‘ fish has suffered a major blow after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that owner Marlow Foods had misleadingly implied that all cod and tuna were endangered.

The ruling followed a complaint raised by Seafish, the seafood industry body

Seafish complained that Quorn’s claim – on its website - that cod and tuna were endangered was misleading. It said Marlow Foods misleadingly implied Quorn’s fish range offered the same benefits of omega 3 found in oily fish. It also claimed that the ad had misleadingly implied the range offered the same general health benefits of fish.

The ASA agreed with Seafish’s first complaint but dismissed the other two. It found that Quorn’s claim that “popular fish like cod and tuna are endangered by overfishing” implied that all cod and tuna were endangered. “We considered that for some consumers the conservation status of species could be an important factor in their purchasing decisions.”

Marlow was told to amend its claim on the endangered status of tuna and cod but it had already removed the a text from the website.