Icelandic Group has opened up a major source of sustainable cod and haddock for retailers, after gaining MSC certification for most of Iceland’s cod and haddock stocks.

The company, which owns Seachill, Coldwater and Icelandic UK as well as the Saucy Fish Co brand, has gained MSC status for trawl, line and seine net caught Icelandic cod and haddock.

The move will give UK retailers a major new source of MSC-certified cod and haddock, having previously had access to only a limited amount of certified fish from Iceland.

The decision to undergo accreditation was market-driven and a clear sign the group was committed to the highest levels of sustainability, said Icelandic Group CEO Lárus Ásgeirsson.

Although Icelandic has achieved MSC certification, its customers are not obliged to use the logo on packs, even if they contain certified fish. The company is currently talking to its customers about whether they want to use the MSC logo.

About 45,000 tonnes (whole fish equivalent) of cod and 24,000 tonnes of haddock from the fishery are exported to the UK each year.