Sir; It looks like great things are happening at New Forest Barramundi. ('Brits gain an appetite for fish from the forest', The Grocer, 27 January, p56). However, I must correct a statement made in the article: New Forest Barramundi are not fed on MSC-certified whitebait or capelin. Currently, no fisheries of either species have been certified by the MSC.

The MSC certification programme is only open to wild-capture fisheries but we are encouraging fisheries that produce fishmeal for the aquaculture industry to consider certification so that, in the future, fish farms such as New Forest Barramundi might be able to make the claim. To do that, the fish farm would need to be assessed for Chain of Custody - the strict traceability programme that ensures only those fish from MSC-certified fisheries can be sold with our eco-label. The same rules apply to retailers, restaurants and pubs that want to offer MSC-certified fish.

The process for getting Chain of Custody certification is simple and fair. Indeed, many retailers have had their fresh fish counters certified to be able to add the MSC label to the products coming from certified fisheries. Those now using MSC fish found they needed to make very few changes in order to get their certificate.