Unilever has hailed its Flora Fit Street initiative a success, claiming the involvement of more than 6,200 people during its year-long run.
Fit Street, a community-based partnership between Flora and the Clapham Park community in south London, co-funded by local government and Unilever (The Grocer, July 19, 2004), ended last month.
Final figures show that 83% of Clapham Park’s 7,500 residents engaged with the project, with 75% of local primary schoolchildren attending a healthy heart class.
It was created to address poor health issues in the south London community, where incidents of coronary heart disease, strokes and diabetes are above the national average.
According to Unilever, 945 adults over 18 received a full heart health MOT. Over the year, 50% lost weight and the group recorded an average cholesterol reduction of 12%.