Cereal Partners is launching a rival to Kellogg’s Special K under the Nestlé banner.

Nestlé Fitnesse hits shelves next month and is positioned as a women’s health cereal. Boasting a 99% fat-free content, it features multigrain flakes made from rice, wheat and corn.

The company said the new offering would prove to be an “important addition” to the women’s health cereal sector, which it said had grown by over 10% in the last two years.

The brand, it added, already has a track record in Europe where it is sold under the slightly different ‘Fitness’ banner. Available in seven countries, Cereal Partners said it had amassed a 2.5% share of the cereal market in France and 6.1% in Portugal.

Fitnesse will get a major TV and press ad campaign next year. Rsp: £1.99 for a 375g box.