Cadbury is expanding one of the few chocolate offerings not to have gone under its Dairy Milk umbrella. The confectionery giant is introducing a Praline extension to its Flake portfolio in a bid to attract new users.
The move also appears to be the latest stage in Cadbury’s efforts to reignite some interest in the Flake brand which, according to The Grocer’s last Top Products Survey (December 13, 2003), suffered a 15.7% dip in sales last year.
Cadbury claims that previous new additions, including the Snow and Dipped variants, have already boosted sales and the new Praline variant, which features the brand’s trademark crumbly chocolate nestled in hazelnut praline, will be supported as part of the ongoing £35m ‘Your Happiness Loves Cadbury’ masterbrand advertising campaign, which broke last month.
Mike Tipping, head of customer relations at Cadbury Trebor Bassett, said: “This will stimulate growth in the brand.”