Orange flavoured rum, lager tinged with the fruity taste of grapefruit and fiery pepper-flavoured vodka were just three of the more unusual alcoholic offerings on display at this year's International New Products Forum. The first, Bacardi O, went on sale in the US last August, retails at $12.99 for 750ml and has created interest among curious shoppers. UK consumers are also beginning to see it filter in through Duty Free outlets at airports and ports. Also offering a point of difference across the Atlantic is Francisco Bonanno's Inferno vodka ($15.99, 750ml) which is not only flavoured with hot chillis but has them in the bottle, too. In Holland, meanwhile, Grolsch has been catering for fruit lovers with Pink Grapefruit Lager (i2.72, 1.98 litres). {{P&P }}