Florette plans to make more of the 'washed three times tag' on its packaging in a bid to reassure consumers worried over the safety of their salads in the wake of the E.coli outbreak.

Consumer research for the supplier by Cambridge Market Research in July had revealed that 3% of consumers were buying less bagged salad as a result of the outbreak and 36% were less likely to buy unwashed salads in the future.

Consumers preferred bagged salad that had been washed, said Florette MD Neil Sanderson. "The consumers questioned were reassured by the fact we do not only wash our salads, but that they are thoroughly washed three times."

Florette was looking to amplify its 'washed three times' message across its packaging to further build trust in the Florette brand, Sanderson added. The industry needed to "work hard to build up trust in the category", Anderson added.