The supply of roses from Kenya into the UK has not been affected by the political troubles affecting the African country.

Violence in the country has spread to the flower-growing centres of Naivasha and Nakuru, but despite the disruption many flower farms are operating almost as normal, according to the Ethical Trading Initiative. No supermarkets have reported any problems with supplies.

A quarter of all flowers sold around Valentines Day come from Kenya, with the rest coming from The Netherlands, Colombia, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia as well as the UK.

Meanwhile a price war broke out as supermarkets jostled to offer the best value Valentine's bunch.

Asda offered two dozen roses for £4, while Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's had a dozen for £4.75, £4.99 and £10 respectively.

Morrisons also took

out national newspaper ­advertisements offering a dozen Grand Prix roses for £29.99.