High prices remain the most worrying food issue for Brits, according to the FSA’s latest consumer survey, as concerns over food safety ease.

Sixty percent of those polled said food prices were the issue they were most concerned about, down slightly from a mark of 61% in the previous survey last May.  The amount of salt in food was the second most common area of concern, cited by 46% of respondents, followed by fat content (40%).

In terms of safety, hygiene when eating out was named by 36% of consumers, while food poisoning through the likes of salmonella or E.coli was cited by 30% of those polled.

Twenty-six percent of respondents said they were concerned about the use of additives in food.

While the proportion of consumers worried about food safety was largely stable between May and this week’s poll, the FSA said concerns had eased significantly over time.

 Total concern about food poisoning had decreased from 61% in March 2011 to 30% in November 2011, while concern about food hygiene when eating out (which the FSA started tracking in 2009) had fallen from 44% in November 2009 to 36% in November 2011.

The FSA conducts consumer research for its Public Attitudes Tracker twice a year. The report is based on interviews with 2,076 UK adults carried out between 9 and 13 November last year.