No surprises at the head of this week’s table, as cut-price wine deals continue to sit comfortably at the top spot. But the biggest change this week is nestled further down the rankings, at number 15. The “other toiletries” category – moisturisers, anti-ageing creams, body lotions and the like – has jumped a massive 54 places since last week, thanks almost entirely to one retailer and one supplier.

Sainsbury’s had 18 featured space promotions in this category, more than three times the combined total of its rivals. Half of these deals were on the Olay range. Discounting was steep: the full price of the toiletries before promotion was £293.64. A determined pamperer could have picked up the lot for £153.21 last weekend, saving themselves a rather attractive 48%. However, the biggest discount at Sainsbury’s and in the whole table was not on an Olay product but on L’Oréal Derma Genesis day cream, which was offered with £9.50 off.

The biggest percentage discount was on Batchelors Super Noodles, which were 5 for £1 at Asda. It was a less auspicious week for sparkling wine, which dropped to 50th place, with just four featured promotions.

Ice cream slipped 14 places down the chart to 25 as autumn begins in earnest. A savvy shopper basketing all this week’s deals would pay £107.64 for £198.37 worth of shopping, saving 46%. Once again, Sainsbury’s had the most discounts and the biggest savings, of £28.64.