This week has been great for shoppers who enjoy a tipple, with all the major retailers stepping up their alcohol promotional activity.

Although the beer and lager sub-category accounted for fewer than a quarter of the 166 promotions for wine, number one in the booze promotion rankings, it has jumped from 11th to 7th in the rankings with 35 offers.

Most of the discounts were small, however, with more than a half offering a saving of 30% or less. Stella Artois was the most heavily promoted lager, on offer in all six major retailers. Stella deals made up more than a third of the beer and lager promotions. Of the big five, Somerfield boasted the most beer and lager deals with nine, while Sainsbury’s had the fewest at three. The total pre-promotion price of this week’s beer and lager offers would be £433.03 so anyone taking advantage all the deals would have spent only £331.74 – saving 23%.

There was less overall promotion activity this week, however, with the number down to 1,302 compared with 1,381 last week. The biggest saving cash-wise was £10 off Laphroaig at Waitrose.

Across the top 50 promotions as a whole, Sainsbury’s boasted the most offers this week (12), and Waitrose the fewest with just four. However, Waitrose provided the largest cash savings of £23.36 overall.

Anyone snapping up all the top 50 deals would have paid £114.08 for items usually worth £209.96 – saving £95.89, not far off 50%.