Tesco and Morrisons spearheaded a promotional blitzkrieg this week, boosting the total number of featured-space promotions from about 1,600 last week to 1,985.

Tesco massively increased its promotional offer week-on-week.Its number of promotions grew 62.4%, from 255 to 414. But Morrisons remained the retailer with the most deals, at 461 up 60.6% on the previous week.

Waitrose upped its promotions 43.8% to 184, while Asda increased its activity just 8.7% to 311 deals. Sainsbury's reduced its number of promotions by 6% but still had the second-highest total at 441 promotions.

Beer, wine and spirits deals continued to dominate the promotional offer as retailers used them to drive sales. The number of promotions increased from 401 to 587 this week: almost 30% of the total.

Impulse offers - including confectionery and snacks - had the second-largest share, with a total of 485 deals.

Most confectionery savings were modest, as 139 of this week's 226 deals had a reduction of 30% or less. Stocking up on all 226 deals would cost £696.17 - pricey, but a hefty 31% saving on the £1,009.76 rsp.

For the second week in a row, Asda's 3-for-£10 wine promotion was the best deal in the top 50, offering a 58.3% saving.

It's also a good week to think about buying the Christmas turkey: Somerfield's half-price offer on Bernard Matthews turkey is a saving of £17, the biggest in the top 50.