The cost of cocoa is at an all-time high, and Easter is still nine weeks away, but confectionery deals have rocketed the category back into the top 10 promotional rankings this week, shooting from 13th place to 2nd.

With 80 offers, confectionery had more than double last week’s 33 deals. Cadbury and Mars were jointly the most-promoted brands, with 18 deals apiece, while Nestlé was second with 12. Tesco had more confectionery offers, at 48, than the other four retailers combined. Overall, only six products were reduced to half price or less.

Scoffing all 80 of this week’s confectionery deals would cost £180.23, a sweet £63.57 saving on the £243.80 retail price – a typical saving of 28%.

Other categories on the move this week included sparkling wine, which re-entered the table at 44th after slipping to 61st last week. Laundry powder also rejoined the top 10, coming in ninth from 18th place.

Asda’s long-running 3-for-£10 promotion offered both this week’s biggest percentage saving and cash saving, with £14 off the regular price of Andrew Peace Semillon Chardonnay, a 58.3% ­saving. But while wine made it nine weeks at the top, the number of offers declined slightly, from 202 to 185.

Buying all 50 of this week’s top deals would cost £131.02, £103.66 less than the standard £234.68 price tag. The typical saving fell slightly week-on-week, at 47.3% versus 50.8% last time.